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Benefit Management Systems (BMS) is a leading Third Party Administrator (TPA) providing comprehensive benefit administration to self-funded employers. Our claims management services utilize state-of-the-art technology including online, real-time access to patient claims and eligibility information. Headquartered in Mississippi, BMS has been active in the TPA industry for nearly 20 years and services over 32 groups, 8,000 employees and approximately 20,000 lives.

The Self-Funded Approach

Self-funding via a TPA is by far the most effective means for employers to combat the escalating costs of health insurance premiums. Under this approach, the employer enjoys much greater cost controls and cash flow improvements by self-insuring the expected, easy to budget costs. This enables an insurance company to assume the unknown (or impossible to budget) costs which results in our clients retaining funds that are not utilized by the plan instead of them becoming an insurance company’s profit. Some of the benefits include…
  • Comprehensive plan administration
  • Greater control of benefit dollars
  • Professional, personalized claims service
  • Plan flexibility, restructuring capabilities
  • Increased cash flow
  • Alternative to state mandated programs
  • Option for preferred vendor "soft dollars"
  • Freedom to create managed care networks

Identify your needs

BMS works closely with our clients to determine the optimal plan and management program for their organization. The first step is a complete review of your current plan. Contact us to get started.

dedicated resources

Our team is dedicated to servicing you and your employees. With a fully staffed call center, questions and issues can be handled instantly… our team has access to the resources required to get employees the answers they need.
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Subscribers utilize this online portal to manage employee and dependent personal information, track benefit elections, post related plan documents and generate reports.